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This program will create an output file that shows either the total strain energy or total kinetic energy in selected groups of elements by load or iteration number.



Detailed Description

This program will display a dialog to allow the user to choose one or more result sets from one of the solutions in the current simulation. They will also choose one or more groups of elements from the sim file to calculate sub-totals for.



General Information

Compatible versions

Source code


Simcenter 3D 2020.1VB (Simcenter 3D API- Energy 

Simcenter 3D 12

VB (EnergyTables_NX12.7z)

Strain, kinetic, export

NX 8.5 - 11

VB (EnergyTables_NX85.7z)


NX 6 - 8

VB (




Known Issues




Test Case

  1. Open the .sim file
  2. Launch the application (should be located in $UG_USER_DIR/application):
    1. File > Execute > NX Open > EnergyTable.dll
  3. The main menu is shown
    Step 3.png
  4. Click on Apply. An Information window is shown with the Total Strain energy on the group Group(1):Step 4.png




Name: Jim Bernard


KB Article ID# KB000037863_EN_US



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