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Can I import and overlay Simcenter3D Motion results with my acquired data in Simcenter Testlab?


Yes, you can!

First solve the Simcenter3D motion model (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: In Simcenter3D Motion, right click the analysis case and select “Solve…”

After the solve is completed (Figure 2), the result files are stored in motion model simulation folder.  The folder will contain:

  • Sim File (*.sim) – The Simcenter3D file containing the multibody dynamics model definition.
  • Motion Results (*.mres) – The time histories from the motion solution.
  • Other Files – CAD Geometry, finite element results for flexible bodies, Excel input data

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Figure 2: In Simcenter3D Motion, motion result files are stored after the solve finishes.

By default, the motion results file (*mres) contains the following time histories:

  • Position, velocity, and acceleration at center of gravity for all bodies
  • Global and local loads for all force elements (contact, tires, springs, bushings, etc)
  • Modal scaling factors and derivatives for all flexible bodies
  • Reaction forces at all constraint elements (joints, drivers, etc)

For Simcenter Testlab 2021, install the Simcenter 3D driver.  See the knowledge article: "Simcenter 3D Driver for Simcenter Testlab" for more information.

To view the Simcenter3D Motion results in Simcenter Testlab Desktop Navigator, simply navigate to the directory that contains the *.mres files.

The files can be accessed directly and displayed (Figure 3).

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Figure 3: The Simcenter3D Motion results files can be accessed and viewed directly in Simcenter Testlab Desktop.

Any measured test data can also be overlaid directly with the simulation results (Figure 4).

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Figure 4: Measured results (blue) overlaid with Simcenter3D Motion results (red).


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