Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Example and how a supersonic rocket nozzle exhaust works - part 1

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This Example is a 2D generic nozzle showing the shock (diamond) pattern formation at supersonic exhaust conditions.


nozzle.sim (59 MB)

A rocket nozzle is used to expand and accelerate the combustion products of rocket engines to high supersonic speeds. The form are normally based on the de Laval nozzle [1], which is a convergent-divergent nozzle (CD Nozzle). The CD Nozzle decreases (converges) its diameter from the begin till the middle (throat), forcing the subsonic flow to accelerate till Mach 1 on the throat and downstream of the throat, the diameter increases again (diverges), allowing the gases to expand isentropically to a supersonic flow. [2]

The nozzle main shapes are convergent (where the diameter decreases), used mainly in jet engines; divergent (where the diameter increases) used mostly in scramjets, and the convergent-divergent nozzle (CD Nozzle), where the diameter decreases till a point (throat) and afterwards increases again, used in rocket engines.
Fig. 1: Nozzle types [4]

In this first part, this is an Example is a 2D generic nozzle showing the shock (diamond) pattern formation at supersonic exhaust conditions. No reactions are modelled.


A comparison between different nozzle types is made in the second part of this article.

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