Simcenter STAR-CCM+ How to know if the current simulation was saved after a Non-Recoverable error?

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It is possible to understand the history of the sim file by viewing the Log File.


It can happen to encounter a "Non-recoverable" error during the simulation setup or run. The error is highlighted in red in the output windows.

In that case, you are advised to exit without saving and go back to a previously saved version, as after such error the simulation becomes corrupted and unpredictable, even if still apparently working.

Immediately after the "Non-recoverable" error, a warning icon is visible in the top node of the simulation tree:
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The way to check if an existing model was saved after a Non-recoverable error is to inspect its Log, by right-clicking on the top node of the simulation tree and selecting "View Log":
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A new window is opened containing the Edit Log, in which it is possible to browse the "history" of the simulation. Each time the simulation is saved a paragraph is added to the Log containing information about the name of the simulation, the version of STAR-CCM+, the number of cores and the occurrence of any serious errors:
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A simulation file would be considered damaged, if| among the lines of the log there is a sign of a "Non-recoverable" error. If the above-mentioned Log is long, it could become uncomfortable to scroll it entirely to check the presence of errors. In that case, simply running the attached macro (
The macro immediately warns the user about the occurrences of "Non-recoverable" errors directly in the output window of STAR-CCM+.

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