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Importing Simcenter Nastran Sets:

Sets (or Groups in Simcenter Pre/Post) are important for define boundary conditions, output requests, panel contribution analysis…  There are three ways to import Simcenter Nastran Sets (formerly called NX Nastran) into Simcenter 3D:

1. The sets are associated to the output requests

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In this example, SET 1, 2 are referred in the output requests, therefore these two sets can be imported into Simcenter Pre/post.   SET 3 is not associated to any output request, therefore it is not imported.

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The contents of the groups are decided by the associated output requests.   SET 1 is associated to Displacement output request, therefore this group contains the nodes (No Displayable Entities in Group).  SET2 contains elements because it is associated to Strain output request.

2. Pre/Post comment that identifies the SET as either a node or element SET

SET 3 is allowed to import into Simcenter Pre/post If we add a comment line $*  Group (elements): 3  Name: Panel1 before SET 3.

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The comment indicates SET 3 is an Element Set with a group name Panel1.

Comment lines for Sets must start with $* and follow by two spaces and then Keywork Group (elements) or Group (nodes).  The keywords Group, elements and nodes are case sensitive.

3. In the Bulk Data section, define a PARAM, Gx,y,z parameter

Simcenter 3D creates a group in Pre/Post with an ID (label) of x that contains all the nodes specified by SET y and the elements specified by SET z.  Please note that y and z must be defined in real numbers.

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Note that Group 1 (i.e. SET 1) contains both nodes and elements.

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You can combine the PARAM, Gx,y,z and comment lines to define groups with specified names.

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In this case both SET 1 and SET 3 share the same group ID (label 1) and group Name (Panel1).

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Append the sets:

If the mesh already imported, users can append the sets alone. This can be done by selecting File  -> Append.  Make sure the option Append Merge is used for Import Behavior.   Again, comment lines and/or PARAM, Gx,y,z parameter must be defined in the file.

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Questions?  Contact Siemens GTAC support.

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