Simcenter STAR-CCM+ How do I find the default Java heap size for my operating system on Linux or Windows?

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using the -jvmargs tag you can check the default java heap size when launching STAR-CCM+


The java heap size can vary depending on the operating system of the client.  This could cause issues with java exceptions when running a macro on one system or in batch mode, which worked on a different operating system.
“Path_to_install”/star/bin starccm+ -jvmargs -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal | grep MaxHeapSize

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In command prompt from “Path_to_Install”\star\bin starccm+.exe -jvmargs -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal | find "MaxHeapSize"

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The examples show that the Windows system has significantly higher Max Heap Size than the Linux system.
To adjust/increase the amount of Java Heap Size when launching STAR-CCM+ please see the following article: When would I need to increase the Java heap size and how do I do this?.

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When would I need to increase the Java heap size and how do I do this?

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