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This article explains the different possibilities charging an Simcenter SCADAS-XS and which accessories are available for this


Q: What are the options to charge the Simcenter SCADAS XS frontend?
A: There are several options available to charge the Simcenter SCADAS XS.
  1. Through USB port
    1. Connected to a PC or a laptop via the USB cable
    2. Using the mains adaptor shipped with the Simcenter SCADAS XS (SC-XS-PA8)
    3. Connected to a USB cigar lighter adapter
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  1. Through the LAN connection: The Simcenter SCADAS XS is connected to a PoweroverEthernet (PoE) switch through an Ethernet (PoE) cable. For further details see the last part of the FAQ. 
Q: What is the main requirement to charge the Simcenter SCADAS XS? 
A: For maximum charging the 15 W/h rechargeable Li-ion battery requires 1300 mA at 5V. For this the optimal solution is to charge the device from the mains power with the shipped power adaptor.
When the Simcenter SCADAS XS is connected to a PC it will require 800 mA at 5V charging but this will require longer charging time. During a PC connection measurement can be performed, but with certain limitations. See related section later.
Note: Charging time depends on several factors including the environmental temperature, the battery condition, On/Off state etc.
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Q: How are temperature conditions influencing the charging of the Simcenter SCADAS XS?  
A: Simcenter SCADAS XS was designed in a way that ensures the safe and reliable operation of the integrated battery in wide temperature ranges.
This means that an integrated charging protection circuit helps to prevent electronics from overheating or battery from crystallization. The circuit stops charging the battery below 0 °C (32 °F) or above 28 °C (82 °F). Outside this temperature range XS operates from discharging battery or mains power but not allowing the battery to be charged.

Q: How can I charge a Simcenter SCADAS XS from a laptop or a PC?

A: The output power of a laptop or PC USB port depends on several factors such as the USB standard or the number of connected devices.
The maximum output power for a USB port is determined by the USB standard: the USB ports can provide 500 mA in case of USB 2.0 and 900 mA in a USB 3.0 port.
Since Simcenter SCADAS XS requires (5V) 800 mA power for charging, it is required to connect it to a USB 3.0 port.
Note: Some scenarios when ICP current and 6V DC supply is activated might result in a situation where the Simcenter SCADAS XS will require more than 800 mA at 5V. Meaning that connected to the PC doesn’t provide enough power and it would still deplete the battery. For these cases it’s recommended to use an external power supply like SC-XS-PA8 or a car cigar lighter adapter.

Q: How can I identify if my USB port is 3.0 compliant?

A: Most of the manufacturers use to differentiate the USB3.0 ports with a blue connector or with a special symbol. If available see the specifications from the manufacturer.
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Q: Can I use a car USB multimedia port for charging an Simcenter SCADAS XS?

 A: As long as the port can output at least 800 mA, it’s possible to use the Simcenter SCADAS XS with it for proper charging. However these multimedia connections may vary by manufacturer.
If you are unsure the specifications of the vehicle’s USB connections, it is recommended to use a cigar lighter adapter.
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Q: How can I use XS LAN port for charging my Simcenter SCADAS XS.

A: SC-XS12-N is a new, IEEE1588 enabled variant. A dedicated PTP (Precision Time Protocol) switch can be ordered to connect several frontends into a Master-Master distributed topology.
This dedicated Ethernet Switch provides PoE (Power over Ethernet) through the dedicated LAN cable (SC-XS-LAN2M) and provides the required 900 mA supply for the continuous operation. The SC-XS-LAN2M cable is included with the IEEE1588 enabled SC-XS12-N.
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SC-XS06-E and SC-XS12-A After installing firmware version release 5 or higher, the LAN port provides direct Ethernet connection to a control PC or laptop.
However, PCs and laptops don’t provide PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection.
During a direct connection with a PC, charging is not provided from the LAN port. In this case external PoE injector or PoE switch is required for the proper charging (Note: The required PoE injector is not provided by Siemens Industry Software).
The dedicated Ethernet cable (SC-XS-LAN2M) is not part of the SC-XS-06-E or SC-XS12-A packages and needs to be ordered separately.

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