Simcenter STAR-CCM+ What is Continuity Initialization ?

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This gives an idea on the Continuity Initialization for Segregated Solvers that is available from STAR-CCM+ 8.06


Continuity Initialization:
  • Continuity Initialization is available since Simcenter STAR-CCM+ v8.06
  • The option solves the frictionless Euler equations to provide a better initial flow field for Pressure and Velocity fields 
  • The improvement of the initial conditions due to this kind of initialization helps to accelerate the convergence of the solution and reduce overall turnaround time
  • Provides a better initial guess of the flow field that is solved using either Segregated/Coupled solver.
  • The option is strictly available for steady states cases
  • It is similar/derived from Grid Sequencing Initialization (GSI) for the coupled solver
This option is available under Solvers > Segregated Flow ( Please see the below image)

Boundary Layer Initialization:
  • In the latest version Boundary Layer Initialization has been introduced which uses the Velocity field from Continuity initialization to calculate the initial-field for Turbulence quantities such as Turbulent Kinetic Energy and Turbulent Viscosity (should accelerate convergence and reduce overall iterations required for steady state result)
This option is available under Solvers > K-Epsilon/K-Omega Turbulence ( Please see the below image)

The image below shows pressure after initialization:

  The image below shows pressure after Continuity initialization activated:



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